“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


 - Aristotle


Workshops will help with everyday life whether it be personal growth, relationship growth, or even spiritual philosophy and esoteric education. Each speciality Workshop was created to evoke specific results varying in purpose, experience, and effect.


    • MOBILE - House calls

    • STUDIO SESSION - Studio located in Newport Beach


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Soulmate Connection


1 Hour Workshop​​​


This is our favorite service that we offer together. In this interactive workshop, we lead the couple through various intimacy enhancing partner exercises to establish a deeper self-connection & partner-connection, creating an overall blissful Soulmate connection.

As a husband and wife, we custom created this workshop to enhance the couple's connection to the unceasing love they have for each other. The exercises make each person feel comfortably vulnerable enough to express emotions freely, enhancing the emotional relationship bond.


Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Several Partner Reiki ​& Energy Connection Exercises

Balancing and harmonizing of Soulmate Energy

Light Crystal Bowl toning

The Yoga of Sound Healing

1 Hour Workshop


This Workshop is specifically designed for Yoga students, Yoga Teachers, and Yoga Classes/Schools who would like to incorporate a full range of wellness modalities into their style or for general interest.

Gain a different perspective on the aspects of Yoga from a Sound Healing view, where we look at Energy Channels in the body, mind, and Soul.

Understand why Sound Healing has been used by many different Shamanic and Spiritual cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, The Bon, etc. and how it has been utilized by many practitioners of yogic philosophy. ​​​​


Origin of Sound Healing

Spiritual Connection with Sound

The Science of Sound

Sound Healing Philosophy 

Chanting and Mantra

Brief History

Explanation of Sound Healing Instruments:​


Dorje and Bell

Crystal Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls

OPTIONAL: Sound Bath for Yoga Graduation