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Online Coaching

Over the last 7 years, we have worked with countless clients to help them make massive life changes and to unlock their true power. These clients did the inner work, but with proper guidance and care were able to achieve lasting transformations. As husband and wife, we have done so much personal, as well as collective healing and inner work, and because of this, we know what it takes to make lasting positive changes in our lives.


It takes time, effort, faith, love, and support to reprogram outdated patterns, and to unlock the magical nature of Spirit. We combined all the years of our spiritual studies and the pathways which have led to our greatest successes personally, and with our clientele, and are now ready to offer them to each of you in a custom and very personal program designed to help you tap into the Source of who you real are; to guide you to find inner peace, clarity, happiness, and creativity. Whatever your goals are, we can help you to manifest them and to realize your natural gifts.


In this personal online coaching program, you will be given a custom outline of exercises including basic metaphysical health recommendations, mantras, affirmations, meditations, visualizations, and light exercises or stretches, as well as potential herbal suggestions (consult your doctor). You will be required to perform these personal assignments, and "homework," all broken into a daily/weekly/monthly program.

All programs include terms and conditions. No refunds, no liability. Must consult a doctor before taking herbal recommendations and exercises. The program takes approx. 1-2 weeks from date of full payment and intake documents for custom course to be sent.

Online Coaching

Each month will have 4 weekly email check-ins for questions and deeper guidance. You have the option of also adding 1 virtual 1-hour session per month for personal interaction, guidance, and demonstration and assistance for the various exercises.


  • 1 month email & virtual program $111 & $170

  • 2 month email & virtual program $222 & $333

  • 3 month email & virtual program $300 & $444 (best value)

  • 6 month email & virtual program $555 & $777 (for serious life change)

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