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Orang County Reiki & Sound Transformations Testimonials on Yelp



I recently had a Reiki session with Brandon and it was such a healing experience. As soon as I met him it felt like I was meeting someone I have know for a very long time. He was so kind and I felt so safe. He spoke directly to my soul and what I needed to hear. He took his time with me and also worked with me and my financial situation. He's definitely on this earth to help and guide others. The next day and following days I was brought to tears (happy tears) just looking at the trees and the sky knowing I am safe and everything will be okay. I immediately bought his book digitally and a hard copy for a friend. I can't recommend him enough and I look forward to the next time that we meet.

- Stephanie C.


If you are reading this right now, know that your intuition has led you here for a reason. Your spirit has chosen Brandon to be its helpful guide in this life transition that you are currently experiencing. Truly, Brandon is such a gifted healer. You will recognize his soul as a familiar friend. He has such a warm genuine and kind spirit that instantly grounds you and makes you feel safe and understood. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of a Reiki session with him!

- Rebecca C.



"I am so grateful for the Reiki Initiation, they taught me more than I thought imaginable. When I first started to learn on my own it was a little confusing, but Brandon and Chelsea have such a simple way of explaining the spiritual or energetic fields, that I was able to grasp the concepts easily. Highly recommended for further learning of Reiki or anything spiritual! I will never see life the same without Reiki!"

- Roxy M.

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