Space Clearing

“Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away.”


- Dinah Craik


Space Clearing is for a physical location such as a house, office, or any area of space to bring a fresh new energy and dynamic, purifying and/or enhancing the space with total harmonizing energy.

With our Space clearing, the whole house is energetically cleansed of low vibrational energy, stuck energy, etc., and replaced with uplifting sonic vibrations from sound healing instruments infused with multiple modalities of Reiki. Optional use of sage and Palo Santo (or spray). Optional Blessing of love are anchored into the space with the space owners, performed with light sound healing. 

Perfect for:

  • New home owners/renters

  • Realtors 

  • Couples

  • Roommates

  • Co-family living spaces

  • Offices

Space Clearing

  • 1 Hour Session​


    • Reiki & Sound Treatments for House/Office

    • Smudging/ Aromatherapy

    • Blessings ​


    • House

    • Office 

    • Studio

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