Sound Baths

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches ever part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can address imbalances on every level of physiological functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”


- Dr. Mitchell Gaynor


A Sound Bath is used to harmonize your body and mind with deep healing vibrations. The frequencies that emanate from the gong, singing bowls, and other ancient shamanic healing instruments carry you into a deep state of conscious meditation, which elicit transformative experiences of mind, body, and Spirit.


With over a decade of sound healing study, mentorship, & application, using our professional background in music, we custom designed our unique Sound Baths to incorporate layers of ancient and modern sound healing techniques. We love performing Sound Baths together to produce a musical landscape of immersive, therapeutic healing sounds.

The most common experiences by our clients and guests:

Stress relief

Physical and mental calming and relaxation

Mental, emotional, and physical release

Inner healing journeys

Past/Parralel-life recall

Soul retrieval

Spiritual activation

Mystical encounters

Out-of-body experiences

Limitless perception 


Sound Bath Session

1 Hour Session


Private Session (1 or 2 people) ​

Group Session (3-10 people) ​

Event/ Retreat/ Corporate Event (10+ people) ​


MOBILE - House calls

STUDIO SESSION - Studio located in Newport Beach

OUTDOOR - Of your choosing 

Sound Bath Options

OPTION 1 | $200, gratuity is optional | Up to 6 people

  • 2 practitioners--both Brandon and Chelsea conduct the set together, creating layers of frequencies and tones in a sonically rich, and musical way.

  • Reiki Infused

  • Aromatherapy 


OPTION 2 | $155, gratuity is optional |  1 person (for more participants contact for pricing)

  • 1 practitioner

  • Reiki Infused

  • Aromatherapy (optional)

  • Add-On:

    • Include the larger Thai Bodhicitta Gong for additional $50

OPTION 3 |  $155, gratuity is optional |  1 participant - Half Reiki/ Half Sound Bath Session

  • 1 practitioner 

  • 30 min Reiki

  • 30 min Sound Bath

  • Aromatherapy (optional)

  • Add-On:

    • Include Card Reading for additional $15

    • Include the larger Thai Bodhicitta Gong for additional $50

Enjoy the first half hour of the session with Reiki, as Brandon balances the body, mind and Spirit utilizing multiple modalities of Reiki energy which he channels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. During the session, he will provide you with personalized spiritual, shamanic, and energetic guidance to align you with your True Self. Or it is also optional to simply relax and feel the benefits of Reiki in silence without any verbal guidance. 


Then finish the last half hour of the session with a relaxing Sound Bath including all of the instruments used in Option 2. Some of the healing instruments are tuned to frequencies which stimulate the central nervous system, the organs, the brain, and the Vagus nerve (the gut brain). The crystal bowls are tuned to 432hz which organically help the brain to enter a balanced state where the higher frequency brainwaves create profound transformative experiences. ​The relaxation which occurs signals the brain to release 'feel good' chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and even endorphins, leaving you with an overall sense of personal wellbeing.


Deep meditative experiences

Self/life reflection and profound clarity

Heart opening

Physical, mental, and emotional release

Balances and detoxifies the body's energy centers/channels (Bio-field/Chakras)

Releases feel good chemicals

Helps relieve tension and/or acute chronic pain

Mystical blissful experiences

Profound inner peace

Calming and empowering


Optional Sound Bath Styles

  • Breathwork Soundbath

    • Pranayama Breathing Exercises are incorporated into the beginning of the Sound Bath for a deeper meditative experience.​

    • Guided into a diaphragmatic breathing process.

  • Guided Meditation Soundbath

    • This Sound Bath includes a Guided Meditation at the beginning, or ending (your choice).

  • Chanting Sound Bath

    • This Sound Bath includes a minimum of a 20 - 30 minute Guided Chant with the use of therapeutic sounds.

    • ​It is believed in many cultures that mantras and chanting can heal the body and mind, aligning you with your spirit. Utilizing chants or mantras with an open heart, a focused mind, and patience, can literally reprogram the physical body, the mind, and the emotions.​

    • We offer custom themed Guided Chants, or our Standard "108 Oms."

  • Restorative Yoga Sound Bath

    • This Sound Bath Option includes 45 minutes of Restorative and Yin Yoga with the support of light therapeutic sounds.

    • Restorative and Yin Yoga are used to relax the body and mind. Yin helps to gently open up joints with a few deep stretching poses, and the Restorative Yoga facilitates tranquility and release. We will move through a handful of calming poses in order to provide the optimal environment for relaxation.

    • Includes an extended Sound Bath using more instruments during the final meditative pose (Savasana).

    • Please provide your own yoga mat, bolsters, blankets, and other essentials for performing Yoga and laying down comfortably for the Restorative/Yin Yoga, and the Sound Bath.

    • This Restorative Yoga Sound Bath is for holistic purposes only.

  • The Yoga of Sound Healing​ (yoga class workshop/ Sound Bath)

    • This Workshop is specifically designed for Yoga students, Yoga Teachers, and Yoga Classes/Schools who would like to incorporate a full range of wellness modalities into their style or for general interest. ​Gain a different perspective on the aspects of Yoga from a Sound Healing view, where we look at Energy Channels in the body, mind, and Soul.

    • ​Understand why Sound Healing has been used by many different Shamanic and Spiritual cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, The Bon, etc. and how it has been utilized by many practitioners of yogic philosophy. ​​​​


      • Origin of Sound Healing

      • Spiritual Connection with Sound

      • The Science of Sound

      • Sound Healing Philosophy 

      • Chanting and Mantra

      • Brief History

      • Explanation of Sound Healing Instruments​

      • Sound Bath for Yoga Graduation