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Hawaiian Healing Retreat 
@ Whale Spirit Sanctuary in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
September 2- 7


- Health and Healing - 

- Spiritual Connections -

- Mystical Journeys -

- Group Bonding Activities -

- Grid Activation -

- Planetary Healing -

We are heading to the Big Island of Hawaii

for an incredible healing and transformational retreat!


Whale Spirit Sanctuary sits in such a naturally healing and enchanting location.

Minutes walk from the Kealakekua waters, known to be full of 

whales, dolphins, and other amazing sea-life.


This retreat is about healing, conscious community, and total transformation.

This is your opportunity to make a lasting connection to your Spirit, and to truly and totally know who you are.


This 5 day retreat has been intentionally created to provide the perfect environment for radical breakthroughs, whether they be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or all of the above. Each holistic modality that we are offering is integrative in providing shifts of awareness, and to allow the space  and means for the catalyst for these beautiful life changes. It takes time to make lasting changes, it takes a community to provide the right environment, and it takes a beautiful healing location within nature, the magical vortex that is Kealakekua Bay. We will not only heal together, we will laugh, cry, adventure and celebrate together!


Utilizing our expertise in healing, will be facilitating various techniques and guidance to implement deep thinking and self-awareness in order to gain insight and to enhance personal spiritual connection.


Common optional activities such as yoga and guided meditation led by Nichole Ferro set the stage for the healing, and help us to start our days in a mindful and blissful flow. There will also be various amounts of free time for personal adventures around the Sanctuary or around the city. Personal Healing Sessions, Sound Healing & Couples Healing Services are offered on down times for extended personal healing. (space is limited)


We will be doing Cacao Ceremonies to strengthen our bond to Spirit, and to connect to our bodies. The use of the non psycho-active plant medicine Cacao is very heart opening and awareness expanding. This in combination with Breathwork has the ability for transcendental therapeutically powerful experiences. It is common to become very emotional and to release a wide range of expression, from sobbing or yelling, to our intention, which is bliss and freedom. There will also be soothing and mellow Breathwork, as well as therapeutic Sound Healing. Various Sound Baths provide healing frequencies and tones that harmonize the body’s energy field and brainwaves soothing body, mind & Spirit. 


As we get into the Shamanic aspects of the Retreat, we will guide Shamanic Journeys to go inward and get in touch with our Soul and Inner Child, as well as Releasing exercises, Ancestral Healing and more! Each of these healing journeys will be accompanied with Reiki for deeper spiritual healing and integration. We will be offering the magical medicine of the Amazon, Kambo, which helps us gets into the deeper physical, mental, emotional, and psychological healing. It will be optional, but encouraged as it is truly a life changing experience for total body and mind wellness, space is also limited. 


Be a part of a loving and supportive tribe. In this retreat, you will be a part of a positive and conscious community, as there will be a feeling of camaraderie as we join in on group bonding activities, and our inner healing. Start your days with some Hawaiian coffee or tea, and enjoy Sunset dinners, followed by time to vibe and connect with the community, engaging in meaningful conversation, laughter and wonder.  Enjoy healthy conscious meals, provided lovingly by the one and only Corey Miller, owner of the Behind The Lids Studio that we love so much. 


This retreat will bring us together with new friends, and provide the perfect environment for connecting more deeply with the ones you love, whether they be your romantic partner, family or with pre-existing friendships and bonds. We will grow together, find our truth together, and feel peace and love together. You are safe to be seen and accepted, and as we bond, we will know that we are a tribe. These sacred friendship’s encourage each other to trust and to feel comfortable fully expressing ourselves. 


You will experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures, like snorkeling, and celebrations on the beach, to  bring that everlasting memory of joy in the hearts of everyone involved. We will have us much fun as we have healing! Swim with dolphins and sea turtles, immersed in the beauty of colorful tropical fish and sea-life, on our privately chartered cruise. Spend your personal time daily exploring the breathtaking local beaches, sacred sites and beauty that this one of a kind bay has to offer.


We will perform various healing rituals for the planet, and our families. As we do these activities, we will be harnessing the energy of a powerful sacred vortex, an inter-dimensional portal called the “Pathway of the Gods,” that the sanctuary is located on, to anchor in our grid activation & planetary healing. While we’re at it, there will also be an out-of-this-world group experience as we organize and lead an optional CE5 circle (close encounter contact with 5d beings and up). You know, just to see what’s out there. :)


This is truly going to be a transformational, life-changing, FUN journey in sacred vortex that is a magnificent tropical location, we’ll see you there!


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*Whale Spirit is the red point

Magical and sacred area, with one of the Earth’s most powerful sacred vortexes. 

An inter dimensional portal called 

the “Pathway of the Gods”

Shared Room -

Retreat accommodations are shared rooms (2 beds per room) $3750 per person.

Private Room -

We have a very limited amount of single bed cottages available (1 queen bed per room) $5500

Payment Plan

2 payments from 1,875.00

We do offer a payment plan option, with 50% due to reserve your room and the balance being paid in full by June 30th. 

What Rate Includes:​​

  • 5 days of healing and wellness group Meditations, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Shaman Journeys, Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga, and other Healing Arts modalities.

  • A privately chartered snorkeling excursion to a reef well known for its popularity with dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

  • Two healthy and delicious meals per day, made fresh. Snacks included throughout the day.

  • Room and facility accommodations.

Rate Does Not include:

  • Airfare

  • Car Rental (if desired)

  • Reiki (requires appointment)

  • Massages/Spa Treatments (requires appointment)

  • Lunches (most days, lunch hour is during “Free Time” to explore the island and do whatever you’d like to do!

Important notice: The prices listed above do not reflect the total price. Each of the amounts listed are based on a two payment installment. One payment due now, and one due by June 30th. Total price is $3750 pp for double occupancy (2 beds) or $5500 for single occupancy/one shared bed.

In the event you cancel your trip, refunds will not be given after June 30th.

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What will your sacred pathway unfold…