why do we call it spiritual healing?


Over the years, Reiki, hypnotherapy/channeling, and meditation began to evolve our practice. We were gradually guided to understand the modalities we were practicing from a different perspective. We have been intuitively led to offer our healing in a personal way, that comes directly from the depths of the heart and Soul, instead of a typical, "by-the-book" Reiki session.


Many clients find themselves experiencing sudden clarity and transformation, without any energy needing to be sent through hands-on-Reiki. In our Spiritual Healing Session, we use all of the different modalities in a non-denominational way of which we have mastered over the years. This allows us to truly get to the core of the healing from a Soul level.


The therapy that takes place during the session integrates the nature of Reiki Healing Energy along with our understandings of spiritual metaphysical nature and laws. These forms of Spiritual Healing gets deep and right to the point. This allows for our clients to make rapid progress in numerous areas of their lives, often times in only one session or ceremony.

We are here to help you live the life

that your Soul is urging you to live. 

We offer modalities which provide assistance with spiritual integration and transformation. It is important that we connect with each client and truly listen to their Spirit speak. This allows us to channel the perfect course of action for each healing session, specifically tailored to each individual at the deepest level. It is our intention that we support you in the discovery of your truth.


These Spiritual Healing sessions tap into deep streams of meditative consciousness with the intent of bringing about spiritual awakening, and/or Soul alignment.


Custom tools, advice, healing journeys and exercises are utilized to enhance the energetic alignment received from the session.

All of the services we provide are for holistic and spiritual purposes only. Orange County Reiki & Sound Transformations' products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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Assists with stress, anxiety, depression

Address, and heals deep emotional issues and trauma

Heal and open your heart

Release limiting belief systems and fears

Clears the mind to open intuitive senses, aligning to the Soul's clarity

Learn to trust your intuition to discover your true life path

Helps to feel confident moving into the next chapter, and/or phase of life

DNA activation and Ancestral/Epigenetic healing

Spiritually awakening

spiritual healing Session

Initial spiritual Healing session

1 person  |  90 minutes 


Your first Spiritual Healing Session includes an in-depth consultation with Brandon, as well as a personalized session.

follow up session

1 person  |  60 minutes  


Only available after initial session.


STUDIO SESSION - Studio locations in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, CA

VIRTUAL/DISTANCE- Via phone/video/email - Price varies

All Healing Arts services in Orange County are limited for 2022.


If you would like to be added to the Waitlist (first come first served), please fill out the Waitlist Form. Thank you!

other reiki services


HALF reiki

Session only available after Initial Session with Brandon.

private session  | $300 

This 1 Hour Reiki/Sound Bath Session is divided into a half hour of both specialty services.