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(Spiritual Healing)

Over the years of performing Reiki, hypnotherapy sessions, and channeling, our practice began to evolve. Naturally, we shifted our understanding of the Healing Arts modalities to a different perspective. The therapy that takes place during the session integrates the nature of Reiki along with our understanding of spiritual metaphysical laws.

This form of Spiritual Healing gets deep and right to the point. We will address and resolve what's holding you back from living life to your highest potential. This allows for rapid progress and stress relief in numerous areas of life.

Clients find themselves experiencing sudden "life-changing" clarity. It is also common to experience a spiritual awakening and self-understanding.



Assists with stress, anxiety, depression

Address deep emotional issues and trauma

Heal and open your heart

Release limiting belief systems and fears

Reaffirm your intuition

Discover your true life path

Helps to feel confident moving into the next chapter of life

DNA activation and Ancestral/Epigenetic healing

Spiritually awakening

Virtual Reiki

As a Reiki Master Teacher and Psychic Medium, Brandon is able to facilitate this healing experience without being in the same room. He offers modalities which provide assistance with spiritual integration and transformation by listening intently to find the perfect course of action for each healing session, specifically tailored to each individual at the deepest level. 

Custom tools, advice, healing journeys, and exercises are utilized to enhance the energetic alignment received from the session.

This session can be done via Zoom.


1-2 people max.

75 minutes.

For more info please contact.

All of the services we provide are for holistic and spiritual purposes only. Orange County Reiki & Sound Transformations' products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

For an in-person session, please join our Waitlist to schedule a session in Orange County when available.

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