“Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods.”


- Dr. Mikao Usui


We offer different styles of Reiki to custom create a well rounded aspect of healing. Our Reiki sessions tap into deep streams of meditative consciousness with the intent of bringing about spiritual awakening, and/or Soul alignment. Custom tools, advice, healing journeys and exercises are utilized to enhance the energetic alignment received from the session.

A Reiki Session with Chelsea is a wonderful intro for someone receiving Reiki for the first time. She can explain a little bit about Chakras, the body's energy field, how the Reiki works, connection to the Higher Mind, and understanding the Ego. She will will utilize Reiki energy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, helping you align body, mind, and Spirit.

A Reiki Session with Brandon is perfect for deeper, more advanced Reiki Healing. He offer personalized spiritual, shamanic, and energetic guidance to align you with your True Self. He assists with releasing blockages, and/or karma which may be holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve.


A Reiki Session with both Brandon and Chelsea harmonizes our Masculine and Feminine aspects of healing into one Session. As a couple, we lovingly offer both our forms of Reiki to allow for the most beneficial results of our Healing Arts. during the session, we will take turns working with the participant while using light toning and tuning forks,  and aromatherapy.  


Assists with stress, anxiety, depression.

Address, and heals deep emotional issues and trauma.

Assist in enhancing self love.  

Release of unhealthy feelings/stuck energy stored in the body and mind.

Balances and detoxifies the body's energy centers/channels (Bio-field/Chakras).

Clears the mind to open intuitive senses, aligning to the Soul's clarity.

Helps relieve tension and  acute chronic pain.

DNA activation and Ancestral/Epigenetic healing.​​

Spiritually awakening.

Integrating spiritual experiences with confidence.

Helps to feel comfortable and confident moving into the next chapter, and/or phase of life.

Reiki Session


Private Session (1 person) | w/ Brandon or Chelsea | $135

Couples Session  (2 people) | w/ Brandon | $155 

Couples Session (2 people)  | w/ Brandon & Chelsea | $180

Add 30 minutes for an Oracle Card Reading, or Breathwork | $25


MOBILE - House calls available

STUDIO SESSION - Studio locations in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach

VIRTUAL - Via phone/video/email


HOSPITAL - Orange County area only (donation based)



1 Hour Session​​

This 1 Hour Reiki/Sound Bath session is divided into a half hour of each specialty service.


Enjoy the first half hour of the session with Reiki, as Brandon balances the body, mind and Spirit with Reiki energy which he channels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. During the session, he will provide you with personalized spiritual, shamanic and energetic guidance to align you with your True Self. Or it is also optional to simply relax and feel the benefits of Reiki in silence without any verbal guidance.


Then finish the last half hour of the session with a relaxing Sound Bath. Some of the healing instruments are tuned to frequencies which stimulate the central nervous system, the organs, the brain, and the Vagus nerve (the gut brain). The crystal bowls are tuned to 432hz which organically help the brain to enter a balanced state where the higher frequency brainwaves create profound transformative experiences. ​The relaxation which occurs signals the brain to release 'feel good' chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and even endorphins, leaving you with an overall sense of personal wellbeing.


Deep meditative experiences.

Self/life reflection and profound clarity.

Heart opening.

Mental and emotional release.

Balances and detoxifies the body's energy centers/channels (Bio-field/Chakras).

Releases feel good chemicals.

Helps relieve tension and/or acute chronic pain.

Mystical blissful experiences.

Profound inner peace.

Calming and empowering.


Yep, we have three pugs! Two senior citizen dogs and one puppy. These boys have been our treasured buddies since we first adopted each one. We love our pets just like family, and through the various times in their life, sometimes they need different types of support. Benefits for Reiki are similar for pets, calming, relaxing, etc., but we aren't too focused on their spiritual awakening lol :)

Homecall and outdoor locations only.

30 minutes

$50 + travel