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(Psychic Medium Reading)

In this session, Brandon specializes as a Psychic Trance Medium to channel higher states of consciousness. He will help to reveal answers to questions you have about anything as he connects to a Higher Conscious Source.

Brandon enters into self-induced trance learned from years of Reiki and hypnotherapy work. He accesses, receives, or "downloads" the client's "Soul agreements" and is able to relay information found through accessing the Akashic Records, his Higher Self, and guides. In this clairvoyant state, he also has the ability to channel angels, guides, spiritual teachers, and loved ones who have crossed over.

This channeling session is capable of clearly guiding you by answering any questions you may have about your life here on Earth or elsewhere. He assists his clients in finding answers relating to subjects such as, but not limited to, life purpose, finding love, connecting with ancestors, friends or loved ones on the "other side," career purpose, family guidance, and enhancing spiritual connection to your Higher Self and God. 

Our ultimate intention with this offering is to create the space and opportunity for holistic healing and spiritual advancement.



Confirms inner knowings

Reveals truth, hope, and grace

Connects you again with passed loved ones

Learn who you really are and why you're here

Learn who your guides are and speak with them

Heal unresolved pain or trauma

Create closure


Virtual Channeling

This session can be done via Zoom.


1-2 people max.

75 minutes.

For more info please contact.

All of the services we provide are for holistic and spiritual purposes only. Orange County Reiki & Sound Transformations' products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

For an in-person session, please join our Waitlist to schedule a session in Orange County when available.

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