channeling session

In this channeling session, Brandon specializes as a Trance Medium to channel higher states of consciousness. 

Brandon enters into self-induced trance learned from hypnotherapy. He accesses, receives, or "downloads" the client's "soul agreements" or "journey." In this state, he also has the ability to channel angels, guides, spiritual teachers, and loved ones who have crossed over. 

This type of session helps to open up manifestation from a different perception, which synchronistically validates and strengthens the client's inner knowing to verify, or tap into, their own intuition.



Life Path Guidance

Soulmate/Twinflame/True Love Guidance

Connect with passed loved ones

Higher Self Connection

Align with your Soul Purpose

Increased Manifestation 

Mystical Revelations

channeling Session

1 Hour Session​​

Private Session 

1 - 2 people   |  $250

3 - 4 people   |  $350


MOBILE - House calls available

STUDIO SESSION - Studio locations in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach

VIRTUAL/DISTANCE- Via phone/video/email - Price varies

All Healing Arts services in Orange County are limited for 2022.


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