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Rapé is a medicinal snuff, made with Mapacho, and other sacred herbs, prayed over, and blessed by each tribe, creating a medicinal ash.


This is a powerful and beautiful Rapé created by the Yawanawa tribe in the Amazon rainforest. This blend is made with a sacred plant called Heart of the Boa Constrictor. It's a thin snakelike vine often called “Veia de Pajé”, the Shaman’s Vein.


This blend is used by the shamans, and  it helps us to connect to our True Self—our sacred essence. It is believed to help keep negative energies away, and to unite us with our divine nature. It is one of our personal favorites, especially for ceremonial work, spiritual healing, divination, and meditation.


All of the Rapé we offer are made extra strong, with more Mapacho in the blend, thereby creating a deeper divine connection to the plant medicine spirits, creating both a grounded and uplifted meditative experience. Because the ingredients contain traditional tobacco, this product is only for adults 18 and over.

Rapé - Veia de Pajé

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