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Ecstatic Beings helps to expand your awareness and sense of self by observing life through a bigger perspective and outlook. Discover a personal truth of spirituality that gently guides you into and through a spiritual awakening. This channeled, self-help guide taps into the collective consciousness of all of creation. Find your true happiness, discover your unique creativity, and live as an abundant Soul in harmony and peace. 

    eBook | Ecstatic Beings: The Art of Be-ing

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    • We realize you are reading this now because you may be seeking an understanding of your spiritual awakening process. Well, your Soul guided you here for a reason. Allow your curiosity to align with your Soul’s intuition to activate your spiritual transformation. 


      This book is written specifically for the Empaths, the Indigos, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, and Starseeds of the Millennials, as well as the X & Y generations. You know who you are, and even if you don’t, you will now. This is a call to step into your true potential and understand your True Being on the deepest level.


      This channeled self-help guide taps into the Collective Consciousness. Feel like you’re in the same room as Brandon and Chelsea as they channel the nurturing and playful energy of “The Collective,” in this metaphysical and spiritual roadmap.


      “Ecstatic Beings is a guide, from a bigger perspective of consciousness, to assist you with connecting to your highest aspect of Self, so you can be who you are truly meant to be—hence, ‘The Art of Be-ing.’ We wish to remind you of these ecstatic truths of who you are.” Ecstatic Beings helps to expand your awareness and sense of self by observing life through a bigger perspective and outlook.” 


      • Consciousness activating: intended to lead you into the complete conscious realization of your true Be-ing.
      • Offers spiritual messages that get to the root of life’s experiences, such as overcoming duality, understanding emotions like happiness and anxiety, discovering your purpose, uncovering limitless creativity, and much more…
      • Engaging with in the moment exercises, as well as visual stimulation and guided introspection. 
      • Includes affirmations to help solidify the content of each chapter into the essence of your Being. 
      • Helps you to embody the eternal love and peace of your True Self to fully live as an Ecstatic Soul.
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