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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

We are very passionate about our Healing Arts spiritual and energetic services. Reiki has been an important healing factor in our life for many years. It first started when Brandon had cancer. After recovering from the second surgery (more backstory in our book), he went to his faith-based church where he underwent his first hands-on healing experience by the members there. This experience brought about a life-changing point in life where it opened his life up to many spiritual questions and curiosities.

Together, we were introduced to meditation and Reiki after he experienced a full recovery. He began to feel a sense of heat in his hands and was curious about what it mean. Once the doctor's had no explanation, we turned to the more energetic forms of explanation for the answer. Our spiritual mentor/Chelsea's uncle, Robert, was deeply connected to the energetic plane, being a spiritual energy worker who infused his violin playing with healing energy. He explained that this sense of heat could be energy related. He had Brandon do a hands-on Reiki position on him and he immediately felt the energy coming from Brandon's hands. It was then that he showed us how to still our minds enough for daily meditation practice, that we still do to this day.

We became initiated in Level 1 Usui Reiki when Chelsea was pregnant. We intuitively felt that the Reiki initiation was important to our son as he grew in the womb, only to find out later that it is possible for Reiki to do that for pregnant women being initiated. After practicing on ourselves and each other, we began performing Reiki for Robert while he was battling cancer. He had some of his other close friends, who were also Reiki Masters, there to perform Reiki as well. One day, when we were not there, his dear friend Timothy was performing Reiki on him, when he became in such a deep transcendent state of mind, that he could not drive home. Robert called us to see if we could give Timothy a ride home. Luckily, we weren't busy so we went over to pick him up. After dropping Timothy off at his house, he was in such a state of gratitude, that he offered to initiate us into Level 2 Reiki. We took him up on that offer a few weeks later. Not only did we become initiated, but we also became close friends with Timothy.

A few months after, our beloved Robert passed away from his aggressive cancer battle. He left his body, but every single family member and friend who ever knew him still feel his energy with us at any given time. He was the one who motivated us to use this energetic form of healing to transcend the physical sense of self and become connected spiritually to life on all levels. We decided to become Reiki Masters soon after to spread this teaching on to others. We learned various forms of Reiki from different teachers, as well as Sound Therapy. Brandon became initiated as a Reiki Master and Sound Therapist first, then initiated Chelsea as his first student. We were then guided to created our own Reiki manual by molding various modalities we learned as a hybrid version of Reiki to apply in these modern times. We have initiated many friends, family members, and clients over the years, and plan to teach many more to continue our spiritual, energetic mission.

We continue our work by incorporating other modalities to heal mind, body, and Soul, such as Brandon becoming a Yoga Teacher, and Chelsea becoming a Hypnotherapist. Our recently released book: Ecstatic Beings: The Art of Be-ing combines all we have learned over the years based on our spiritual awakening intermixed with channeling from "The Collective." It is written for the Empaths, the Indigos, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, and Starseeds of the Millennials, as well as the X & Y generations who are starting to awaken to their True Self and are in need of gentle guidance. We are here to assist in any way we can. We have such a strong desire for the beings of this planet to live their lives to their highest potential for the betterment of all creation's future.

With much love to the Soul of your being that we wish you infinite blessings!

Brandon and Chelsea Loveladdy

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