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 Mind Altering Shrooms: Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Red Reishi

No, no, the legal kind, lol. In our last blog we discussed the benefits of adaptogens, and we learned about the effect of stress in our daily life. For today's discussion, we will be talking about medicinal mushrooms and their numerous benefits. We are going learn about 3 very important magical fungi friends, and why we can benefit from having them in our lives.

Lets us first start with one of my personal favorite holistic helpers, the well-known and also very freaky Cordyceps mushroom. The Cordyceps mushroom is actually not even really a mushroom-- wait, what? It's actually a entomopathogenic fungus. In laymen terms, the Cordyceps mushrooms that are used medicinally are not actually mushrooms, but a fungus that has massive health boosts clinically. For example, KOS Naturals the brand I use and am an Ambassador for, says it's "an immunity-boosting-tumor-slowing, respiratory infection-fixing, kidney-and-liver-healing, cholesterol lowering aphrodisiac. For starters." There are other benefits of Cordyceps. It is believed that they may boost cognitive function and even memory. It is found that they protect the brain, neurons, and our nervous system. For this reason, it is also believed to help with depression and even anxiety.

I have personally used KOS Organic Cordyceps powder regularly for about 5 months, and I have definitely noticed some of the results myself. When I take Cordyceps I feel a gentle warmth from within that makes everything slightly more clear to process, this includes emotions. This is a very awesome ally.

Moving on to another fun-guy to have on your side, Lions Mane Mushrooms. This mushroom is actually a mushroom, no tricks here, except for what it will do to your brain! Lions Mane energizes and stimulates electrified jelly we call our brains. It stimulates the production of NGF, which is the neuronal protein that grows and repairs nervous tissue--woah! This stuff repairs and invigorates your brain! It boosts focus, memory, and fights neurodegenerative disease. It is antioxidant rich, meaning it fights back against free radicals which are the cause of most illnesses and diseases. It is also an anti-inflammatory which can reduce high blood pressure, as well as helps resist mild anxiety and even depression. Our brains are capable of regrowing mental and neurological pathways and making new pathways. Lions Mane helps make this process more enhanced in every way. It helps our nervous system and even regrows nerve pathways beyond the brain and in the body! I love Lions Mane, it is perfect for helping clear the brain fog, and being able to think and process clearly. I take it before I have a public speaking engagement, or phone meeting, or even before playing music or meditating.

Last but not least, I would love to mention the "mushroom of immortality," Red Reishi. Revered for over 20 centuries for its natural healing properties. What I think is personally fascinating about Red Reishi is that Reishi sounds a heck of a lot like Reiki. Reiki is used for healing, and for aligning us to our built in healing mechanisms, and this is also what Red Reishi does. My intuition tells me that Reishi and Reiki go hand-in-hand, they work together towards the same objective, vitality, wellness, radiance, consciousness, and health. This mushroom brings 400 bioactive compounds to the body, which offers us massive immunity boosting assistance. It defends against the potentials of cancer and tumors, helps regulate hormones, assists with diabetes, reduces risk of viruses and infections, helps with detoxification and liver function--wait theres more--it helps with heart health and high blood pressure, it works similarly to adaptogens, is an aphrodisiac and boosts against depression and anxiety.

Often times, I will take all 3 of these magical mushrooms at the same time as a part of my weekly supplement program, and I prefer them as a synergistic combo to be honest. No, they won't make you see colors, or dance like you're at a Grateful Dead concert, unless you want to of course. But they will help you to feel better and will be a benefit to your health. If you are interested in trying these products for yourself, feel free to follow the link below to order them. As you can see, medicinal mushrooms have so much to offer each of us, wherever we are in our journey towards total wellbeing and optimal health. I really hope that you are able to try these amazing magical products for yourselves.

These statements are not made to treat, diagnose or cure any ailment, nor replace the need for common sense. We do not take responsibility or liability for KOS Naturals products, as we are NOT employees of there company. Always remember to take a break from your herbal regimen, this will allow your body to process the herb efficiently. Not every herb is right for everybody all of the time, please contact your doctor before consuming any supplement.

We want to help people to feel amazing, because we know the benefits of these products personally, and we want to share them with you. Kos will help you get 10% off of your first order today by following the link we provide by signing up for their mailing list. Following the link helps Kos know that you found the product because of us, and that helps us to support our small business and family.

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