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Body/Mind/Spirit Balance & Stress Reducing Magical Herbs: Adaptogens

What if we told you that that stress has a huge negative impact on your connection to yourself and to your overall sense of balance of body/mind/Spirit? We all have stressors in our lives, financially, physically, emotionally, environmentally, etc. These stresses compromise the power of the cells in our body. When our cells are compromised we are more susceptible to illness (mental, or physical), and our overall sense of wellbeing may become compromised, triggering a fight for flight response unconsciously in the body and mind. This fight or flight response begins to tax the body's ability to adapt and survive if overused and hyper stimulated. Common physical effects of stress include sleep problems, stomach problems, depression, isolation, anger and irritability, lower sex drive, tiredness, increase of mind numbing distractions (drugs, alcohol, TV, etc.), physical pain, anxiety, headaches, eating problems, etc.

Well, there is good news. We are adaptably resilient beings, powered by nature and empowered by proper balance. How do I find cellular balance in my body and help to resist stress? The answer is short--adaptogens. What is an adaptogen you ask? Great question, an adaptogen is defined as an herb or agent which is capable of bringing about homeostasis. Homeostasis means that the cells are balanced from within, balancing with one another, and thereby creating a resilience to the effects of stress. In other words, adaptogens strengthen our cells from the inside, and that inner balance and strength helps us to find a stabilizing balance in our life. On a metaphysical wavelength it creates a deeper awareness to the larger balance of the universe.

Adaptogens are not one directional herbs, meaning they don't only have one function. They have many, and can pick and choose what to help you with based on any given moment. For example, stress makes it hard to sleep and taxes the body's ability to create energy. An adaptogen can help you rest when you need it and balance your energy when your running low, naturally. For this reason, they are known as bi-directional herbs, again meaning there are two benefits to choose from--think of scales: we may need to lean towards one side of the benefit or the other to achieve perfect balance (homeostasis), or maybe even a combination of both. Adaptogens are oftentimes found thriving in adverse environments and climates where other plants cannot survive. Perhaps these intelligent plants serve to remind us that we to as human beings are adaptogenic and strong. These magical plants won't take away your bills, worries, or any other stress, but they WILL help you to be the strongest most resilient version of you possible, and that is the version that is going to make the best physical choices for your overall wellbeing.

In my personal life, I have experienced the effects of stress, many of us know the feeling just from being on the freeway in California LOL :) For the last 3 years, I have also worked as an herbal educator, my job being to educate the general public to the magical benefits of ancient adaptogenic herbs and herbal supplements, which have been scientifically and spiritually validated as to their effects and benefits physiologically. Right now, I have been partnering with Kos Naturals to inform the public about the power of nature. I have been personally using 8 of their products for a few months now, and I am highly feeling the benefits. We feel as though many of our clients can benefit form using various herbs to help reduce stress, especially in this time of a global health epidemic, so we wanted to share our insights of various herbs over the course of the next few months.

The name Kos comes from the Greek island Kos where Hippocrates the father of medicine came from. As Hippocrates philosophically said, "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food." Kos products are Organic, non-GMO, clean, and designed by nature to help you to be healthy and live the blissful life of your dreams! For stress reduction and adaptogenic benefits they offer three products that I have personally used and love, we will get into greater detail about each of these products in the future, but for now let me give you a brief explanation of the first product I personally recommend.

Ashwagandha: The King of Herbs

Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera or Indian ginseng, is one of the world's most widely known and spiritually renowned adaptogens. This is my personal favorite adaptogen, and I feel like you can experience the benefits very quickly. Ashwagandha in the ancient Ayurvedic Indian tradition, an Indian system for establishing body/mind/Spirit balance, is one of the most widely used and known herbs for establishing balance of body/mind/Spirit. It is scientifically proven to help diminish the effects of stress, helps with deep sleep, and energy. It also has a well known ability to boost endurance, and libido. As a personal recommendation, do NOT take this adaptogen if you are sick with a cold, it is said to amplify the effects of being sick. This is a great one to take when you are aligned well--immune system wise. I have found a great sense of inner clarity when using this herb, as well as a warming feeling from within that seems to be able to ground me. I absolutely love Ashwagandha, it is by far my first favorite adaptogen and herb overall.

Kos says Ashwagandha is a substance that can fight hormonal stress, reduce anxiety and depression, boost energy, and attack free radicals. Studies have found that it increases the activity of natural killer cells, which are immune cells that fight infection and help you stay healthy. In a 364g tub you get 104 servings for only $19.99, which is a crazy deal to be honest because it is over 3 months worth, that's like $6.50 per month.

These statements are not made to treat, diagnose or cure any ailment, nor replace the need for common sense. We do not take responsibility or liability for Kos naturals products, as we are NOT employees of there company. Always remember to take a break from your herbal regimen, this will allow your body to process the herb efficiently. Not every herb is right for everybody all of the time, please contact your doctor before consuming any supplement.

We want to help people to feel amazing, because we know the benefits of these products personally, and we want to share them with you. Kos will help you get 10% off of your first order today by following the link we provide by signing up for their mailing list. Following the link helps Kos know that you found the product because of us, and that helps us to support our small business and family.

Stay tuned for more info on other herbs we recommend and we wish you aligning balance of mind, body, and Spirit!

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