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Virtual Medium Reading

In this spiritual reading, Brandon specializes as a Trance Medium to channel higher states of consciousness, angels, guides, spiritual teachers, past loved ones, etc. to help each client verify, or tap into, their intuition. This type of session helps to open up clarity from a different perspective, which synchronistically validates and strengthens the client's inner knowing.

Some features for this session include:

  • Higher Self Connection

  • Spiritual Activation

  • Epigenetic/DNA Healing/Ancestral Healing/Energetic Healing

  • Cord Cutting

  • Soulmate/Twinflame/True Love Guidance

  • Life Path Guidance (Career, Soul purpose, etc.)

  • Connect with passed loved ones and guides

Virtual Medium Reading

  • 1 Hour Session​​ with Brandon over the phone or Zoom

  • Features:

    • Contact Guides, etc.

    • Life Purpose Guidance

    • Career Guidance 

    • Purpose Guidance 

    • Spiritual Guidance

    • Emotional Guidance

    • Relationship Guidance​

  • $50​

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