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Breathwork is an ancient tool for healing and accessing total spiritual connection. There are numerous physical and emotional health benefits from breathwork, even with just one session. Use the breath as a tool for therapeutic healing and self discovery, creating self-love, healing, and peace.

Brandon offers two different styles of Breathwork: 
SOMA Breathwork is capable of enhancing a spiritual connection to your Higher Self and God inducing euphoric feelings and bliss. SOMA Breath sessions focus upon activating our spiritual energy, for body, mind and Spirit enhancement and harmonization. The key aspect of this breathwork journey is to activate your spiritual power by moving the life force energy in the body through all of the chakras up to the 3rd eye.

Whereas Holotropic Breathwork may be used for Trauma Release, creating a safe mechanism for energetic release.​ For those whose intention revolves around creating an emotional, physical, mental and energetic release, we offer guided Holotropic Breathwork journeys. Holotropic breathwork is about bringing you back into oneness with yourselves. Where there is pain, suffering, or stagnation, there is lack of freedom in living our best life. When we release the blockages, over time we return to our balanced sense of self--harmonious, full of love, confident, empowered, and at peace.


SOMA Breathwork

Consistent practice of Soma has shown to have as great of benefit in balancing and harmonizing the mind, emotions, and body as psychedelic therapy. 
There are many forms of Breathwork such as Ujjayi breath, Pranayama, and even Wim Hof. Soma is basically a combination of all of them, but with psychedelic experiences. Breath holds, pranayama exercises, and other forms of breathwork are designed to create the space for inner healing and awakening. These Soma techniques are used to induce a spiritual and profound experience. Brandon uses these ancient Yogic breathing techniques to activate and harmonize your Spiritual Being.  He will be using various guided breathing exercises accompanied with music to bring about a powerful intention, feeling blissed out, grounded, and centered.

It is believed that Soma is perhaps the sacred substance DMT that is released during spiritual experiences. Consistent practice of Soma has shown as powerful benefits as psychedelic therapy in treating body, mind & Spirit alignment.

*Due to the nature of some of these exercises, if you have a hernia, or tinnitus, or any other physical health condition that would require your primary care physician to give approval, please do not participate in the breath-holds in this class. You can participate in the class if you do have any of these conditions, however, it is not advised to participate in the breath-hold portion of the practice.

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic breathwork uses rapid, controlled breathing patterns and rhythmic music to induce a dream-like experience, or what’s usually referred to as an altered state of consciousness.
It was created in the 1970s by psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof after hallucinogenic drugs like LSD were outlawed in the U.S. in 1968. The Grofs figured out a way to achieve similarly psychedelic “highs” through accelerated breathing as a therapeutic and spiritual tool — no drugs needed. They believed that this intense meditative state could help people heal by opening up the mind for deep exploration and releasing past trauma.

The word holotropic comes from the Greek words “holos” or “whole” and “trepein” which means “to move in the direction of something,” together translating to “moving towards wholeness.”  It’s based on a theory that rejects treating psychological symptoms as a disorder or disease, which distinguishes it from most other western approaches to mental health.
The goal is to access parts of your psyche that can’t be reached under normal conditions. Stanislav Grof even believed that holotropic breathing could allow people to relive past-life events.

Brandon offers guided healing sessions with Holotropic Breathwork, where he guides clients into healing through releasing trauma, beliefs, memories etc. that are stored in the subconscious and nervous system.
The breath is a tool that is versatile, and able to assist with transformations on numerous levels. The word "spiritual" actually has origin in the latin word spiritus, which literally translates to "breath."



Improves health

Reduces chronic stress

PTSD & Trauma relief

Consciousness shift

Decrease negative thinking

Connection to Spirit and Source

Increases endorphins

Transcendental Meditation

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Virtual Breathwork

This session can be done via Zoom.


1 person only.

75 minutes.

For more info please contact.

All of the services we provide are for holistic and spiritual purposes only. Orange County Reiki & Sound Transformations' products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

For an in-person session, please join our Waitlist to schedule a session in Orange County when available.

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