soma breathwork is used to help stimulate alignment of body, mind & Spirit. Consistent practice of has shown Soma to have as great of benefit in balancing and harmonizing the mind, emotions, and body as psychedelic therapy. 


There are many forms of Breathwork such as Ujjayi breath, Pranayama, and even Wim Hof. Soma is basically a combination of all of them, but with psychedelic experiences. Breath holds, pranayama exercises, and other forms of breathwork are designed to create the space for inner healing and awakening. These Soma techniques are used to induce a spiritual and profound experience. Brandon uses these ancient Yogic breathing techniques to activate and harmonize your Spiritual Being.  He will be using various guided breathing exercises accompanied with music to bring about a powerful intention, feeling blissed out, grounded, and centered.

Soma breath is used for creating deeper spiritual connection, bliss, spiritual ecstasy, inner healing, and oneness with Source.


It is believed that Soma is perhaps the sacred substance DMT that is released during spiritual experiences. Consistent practice of Soma has shown as powerful benefits as psychedelic therapy in treating body, mind & Spirit alignment.

Brandon also offers guided healing sessions with Holotropic Breathworkwhere he guides clients into healing through releasing trauma, beliefs, memories etc. that are stored in their subconscious and their nervous system. The breath is a tool that is versatile, and able to assist with transformations on numerous levels. The word "spiritual" actually has origin in the latin word spiritus, which literally translates to "breath."


*Due to the nature of some of these exercises, if you have a hernia, or tinnitus, or any other physical health condition that would require your primary care physician to give approval, please do not participate in the breath-holds in this class. You can participate in the class if you do have any of these conditions, however, it is not advised to participate in the breath-hold portion of the practice.



Improves circulation

Reduces stress

Relieves trauma

Consciousness shifts

Spiritual Awakening

Transcendental experiences

Connection to Spirit and Source


1 Hour Session​​

Private Session 

1 person   |  $200


MOBILE - House calls available

STUDIO SESSION - Studio locations in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach

VIRTUAL/DISTANCE- Via phone/video/email - Price varies