All-Inclusive Sessions

“Yesterday I was clever

So I wanted to change the world.


Today I am wise

So I am changing myself.”


- Rumi


We offer our All-Inclusive Session for Total Transformational Wellness.

Choose any 3 1-hour Sessions at a sliding scale discounted rate. You may choose a little bit of everything such as Reiki, a Sound Bath, and a Medium Reading, or choose 3 Sessions of a single service, such as 3 Reiki Sessions, or 3 Sound Baths. 

The 3 Sessions may be booked for more than one person, for up to 3 different sessions for 3 different people with the sliding scale discount still applied (contact for details).

We have designed a few specialty services as All-Inclusive Session OPTIONS for individuals and couples.


All-Inclusive Session

​​Choice of 3 1-Hour Sessions:

Private Reiki Session

Private Sound Bath

Medium Reading

Soulmate Connection Course

Space Clearing


MOBILE - House calls

STUDIO SESSION - Studio located in Newport Beach

All-Inclusive Session Options

Mini-Retreat (Private Session - 1 person)

3 Hours | $ 333

Need a mid-week or weekend recharge? We offer an all-inclusive session providing our specialty services for total wellness of mind, body, and Soul.

The All-Inclusive Session is an exclusive 3 Hour Session for those who desire to immerse themselves in total wellness of mind, body, and spirit by experiencing different Healing Arts modalities. This integrative session is individually designed and unique to each person which includes a few of our specialty services to help transform your life.


15 min - Consulting

1 hour - Reiki Session

35 min - Psychic Intuitive Reading

10 min - Break

1 hour - Sound Bath

Couple's Mini-Retreat (Couple's Sessions - 2 people)

3 Hours | $ 333

For couples.


A specially designed session for couples looking to enhance and strengthen their bond. ​Align and amplify the love you have for yourself and one another through a transformational and educational experience which you will cherish always. Learn to deepen your communication skills and intimacy. Realize your relationship's purpose and achieve an energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual balance together. Your true love deserves a happily ever after...



15 min - Consulting, active listening

1 hour - Soulmate Connection Course

35 min - Psychic Intuitive Reading & personalized relationship guidance

10 min - Break

1 hour - Sound Bath

Your Choice

3 Hours | $ 333

Pick any 3 services listed above.

Repeated Sessions may be scheduled over the course of a few weeks.



Three separate 1-Hour Private Sessions