As husband and wife, we offer modalities which provide assistance with spiritual integration and transformation. 

We met back in 2007 walking through a parking lot, believe it or not. You could say it was fate, our destiny, love at first sight, and all those other cliche sentiments, but it's very much the truth. After just six months of dating, it was discovered that Brandon had cancer. He received hands-on healing from a group of highly spiritual people the night before going into the final test to determine whether he would need chemo and radiation. The next day, the tests showed he had recovered from a spontaneous remission from cancer. YAY! This was our first eye-opening experience into Reiki and the healing arts. We began studying healing arts including shamanism, yogic philosophy, meditation, spirituality, consciousness, and metaphysics. As we began to apply everything we learned, we were intuitively led to help guide others with the tools we used to help change our lives. With patience, passion, and purpose, Orange County Reiki & Sound Transformations naturally unfolded. 


Brandon has been professionally facilitating Reiki since 2013. He is an empathic medium, and a master of multiple Reiki modalities including Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Healing Hands of Jesus, Tibetan Reiki, and Violet Flame Reiki. He uses these modalities, along with other shamanic tools, to assist with spiritual awakenings. After being initiated as a Reiki Master, Brandon naturally initiated Chelsea as his first student, and she organically evolved into a powerful and compassionate healer herself. We were both spiritually and musically mentored by Chelsea's uncle who was a not only a professional sound healer, but a close companion to the both of us as a couple. He took us under his wing and inspired us with his love for healing others. After his untimely passing, we were inspired to bring healing to the world as a couple. We then made the choice to serve others as our spiritual mission, and began writing and performing sound healing music together.

Some other background: Brandon is a certified RYT200 Yoga Instructor, Pranayama and Breath Work instructor, and a Holistic Integration Specialist. He also has experience in Herbal Education, specializing in adaptogens, supplements, and other plant allies. Both Brandon and Chelsea are certified Sound Therapists (or as we prefer, Sound Alchemists), Reiki Master Teachers, and authors. Chelsea is also certified in Dolphin Reiki for fun :) and makes crystal jewelry. As a trained and practicing Quantum Hypnotherapist she was the co-author our book, Ecstatic Beings: The Art of Be-ing, and used hypnotherapy as a medium to produce the majority of the content. We love to work with families because we have kids of our own, who continue to inspire us daily with their cute little love.

Over the years, we have worked with countless clients and families, performed for retreats, events, recovery centers, businesses, and even corporate expositions. Being able to work together as husband and wife and best friends, should not even be called work at all. The love we have for one another and the passion we have for helping others transform is reflected in our work though Reiki, in our book, and even comes through in the Sound Baths. We feel truly blessed and grateful for all of the support over the years.