We met back in 2007, you could say it was love at first sight, and all those other cliche sentiments, but it's very much the truth.


After just six months of dating, it was discovered that Brandon had cancer. This is when our lives took a turn for the miraculous. He received hands-on healing from a group of highly spiritual people the night before going into the final test to determine whether he would need chemo and/or radiation. The next day, the tests showed he had recovered from a spontaneous remission from cancer—YAY! This was our first eye-opening experience into the spiritual healing arts. We began studying healing arts including shamanism, yogic philosophy, meditation, spirituality, consciousness, and metaphysics, and this passion organically gave rise to Orange County Reiki & Sound Transformations in 2013.


We took our passion for spiritual awakening and dedicated our lives to helping others to heal themselves and to awaken. Both of us became Reiki Master Teachers in various Reiki modalities as a way to facilitate spiritual therapy and counseling with own own personal spiritual awakening guidance. We were both spiritually and musically mentored by Chelsea's uncle who was a not only a professional Sound Healer, but a close companion to the both of us as a couple. He took us under his wing and inspired us with his love for healing others. After his untimely passing, we were inspired to bring healing music to the world as a couple. We then made the choice to serve others as our spiritual mission, and began writing and performing sound healing music together.


With years of service, we published a channeled self-help book, Ecstatic Beings—The Art of Be-ing to express all of our knowledge and experience into a concise guide.  For this, Chelsea became a trained Quantum Hypnotherapist and was able to help Brandon channel a Source known as "The Collective." Recently, to add a deeper layer to our Healing Arts Services, we have both obtained our Bachelors Degrees in Metaphysics becoming Metaphysical Ministers from  the University of Metaphysics and Spiritual Ministry and Healing. Chelsea has connected with Mother Cacao to offer and perform heart-opening Cacao Ceremonies. Brandon has become a Soma Breathwork instructor, as well as a Kambo International conscious Kambo practitioner to help heal from a physical, mental, and emotional level for full mind, body and spirit transformation

We love to work with families because we have kids of our own, who continue to inspire us daily. Over the years, we have worked with countless clients, families, performed and hosted for retreats, events, recovery centers, businesses, and even corporate expositions. Being able to work together to make a difference in people's lives is a dream come true.

We feel truly blessed and grateful for all of the positive life transformations we assisted over the years. Thank you for your trust, love, and support.

Love unconditionally,

Brandon & Chelsea Loveladdy